Those things that roll

Large mining operations had a lot of rolling stock. Smaller ones less so and the Hook River, being very small, won't have much at all. Since the mine is not making many millions of dollars, coupled with the fact that the guys who work there are primarily mountain men, the cars will be homemade.
All I have left of any On30 stock are 2 cars, a little box car and short gondola. The box will probably be the only one and for ore cars, maybe shorty gondolas with one side that opens.
Short cars and locos are not something I'm used to. This was 55n3 in 1983 on the diorama I did back then for XPONG. The tree trunks were roots from real trees

Some ideas.

When I did the previous layouts, I hand laid my track. This time, I have some Peco On30 stuff that is left over from about 12-15 years ago that never got used. I don't like it all that much, but for this small layout it'll work.

After spending some time looking at industrial narrow gauge industries and mines, I noticed that often the track was covered with dirt etc., so the ties were not seen. DePecoizing it is an easy decision. Also, will fit in with the general ethos of Hook River.
Dec 22, 2017