The bits on the track

Starting from virtually scratch means a lot of things need doing. While glue was drying and my mind mulling over the scenery, I busied myself with a few ideas regarding motive power and the like. Railroads are all well and good, but without locomotives of some sort they are totally useless.

Being a completely freelanced concept, means I have a lot of scope for my locos. I can do anything I want. Well, almost. The power will be based on scraps left over from stuff I had 20 odd years ago. All they need is a bit of cleaning, some oil on bearings and figuring out how to put it all together into feasible units, that (were they real) would actually work.
I have boxes of this sort of stuff.
Certainly enough for 2 or 3 loco's.

These are just basic ideas, details will be added as required.
This was an idea from about 10 years ago, but I never did anything because I was too busy running my business. Might be worth a thought (maybe).

Hook River is a small mining company, which generates a good turnover—but is not in the big league by any means. As a result it would not need huge locomotives or the like, just something that works and gets the job done.

But it's not prototype!

Prototype? What's prototype?
Cutting it to the chase: an original model on which something is patterned or a Standard or typical example (Merriam-Webster).

So what I'm doing fits in with that. Doesn't it.
Dec 16, 2017